Sky UK & Sky Italia

Happy customers are repeat customers

At Sky TV Marine we understand that keeping your customers happy is at the very core of your business. Offer a home-from-home experience with Sky UK & Sky Italia.

Sky UK & Sky Italia

Bring your crew total satisfaction with Sky TV

At Sky we understand that keeping your employees happy is at the very core of your business.

The official Sky offshore service for cruise liners

Help create more repeat business by providing the best in television viewing. With flexible options and the best channels,
your customers will want to come back for more.

Cruise liner Sky offshore subscriptions

Sky UK subscriptions for cruise liners

Give your customers a home-from-home experience by taking Sky Ultimate. With an unrivalled choice of channels, a small discreet Sky Box and Sky remote in each room, give your customers the control of what they want to watch.

Sky UK for cruise liners

Sky Italia subscriptions for cruise liners

Sky Italia cruise liner subscriptions give your customers a massive choice of channels. Choose from seven package options combining the best in sport, entertainment and cinema. Ensure the best viewing experience by combining with an official Sky Italia receiver.

Sky Italia for cruise liners
Sky Italia Oil Rigs, Yachts & Boats

What will it do for my cruise liner?

Increased revenue

It makes you money, get 20% of all revenue generated from selling the advertising space on your screens.

Positive reviews

Differentiate your premium rooms and attract positive reviews.

Encourage productivity

With a fantastic range of channels, create an environment in which your employees will thrive.

What do our customers say?

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